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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Conversion: Bashi Bazouk with SMG

Another conversion, this time a Bashi Bazouk with a Submachine gun. A cheap, irregular drop trooper for my Qapu Khalqi army that can cause havoc in the enemies backfield. Of course CB released the version with boarding shotgun first. Not really a fan of the boarding shotgun, at least in Haqqislam, because the ubiquitous rifle and light shotgun offers more utility at a marginal price increase.

Quite hapy with how she turned out. And since the shotgunner was just released, I doubt we'll se a Bazouk with SMG soon.

What? There was a seminar at the Interplanetario Tournament?


Eh, I wanted two anyway....

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Conversion: Reverend Cassandra Kusanagi with Spitfire

A few month ago I managed to snatch up an additional Reverend Healer from the Operation Icestorm Box. Originally I had planned to convert her into a Spec Ops for my Bakunin force someday. But since I had a Nomad Spitfire lying around I decided to convert a Reverend Kusanagi with Spitfire as I'm not sure if I like her current model and she is carrying a Multi Rifle anyway.

Originally had her gun pointed forward, but that looked to "gangsta-style"

According to the GenCon Seminar, Bakunin will get new minis even this year. I'm not sure how to feel about that, since I like some of the current ones very much. If they turn out like the new Djanbazan or Nisses I'll have to get some more before they are gone. If they turn out like the new Naffatun however, I'll be happy. Also, expect heavily converted Djanbazan soon on this blog.

Fielding furries, fanatics and free folk

Monday, August 1, 2016

Sudden poetry

I want to Cologne to buy new jeans. Found this near the Heumarkt.
It's a quote from the only poem I liked in school: The Panther Apparently someone has the same taste in poetry as me. Köln doesn't look very impressionistic though. Frankfurt, much more so.

Der Panther may also have ruined zoos for me...

Mecha spiders and nostalgic color schemes

Did I ever mention I am a big Ghost in the Shell fan? Probably entirely too often. Yeah, so Corvus Belli recently released a resculpt for the Maghariba Guard, a TAG (big armour suit) for Infinity. While all other TAGs are approximately humanoid, the Maghariba is a giant scorpion in line with the Kenbishi HAW 206 from Ghost in the Shell. I had mine preordered about 10 minutes after preorders went live and it arrived together with the new Human Sphere rulebook. And I would not be myself if I did not do some conversion work. You see there is also a Maghariba Pilot available as a mini....

The picture quality is a bit shoddy, but I didn't have time to take one with a proper camera and I also need a bit of clean up before she is finished, bit I think it comes along quite nicely. I wonder what the Nomad TAG I should have boxed away somewhere would look like with its pilot perched on it.

Something else that is inspired by Ghost in the Shell is the videogame Oni. One of my most nostalgic games. It features the heroine Konoko (an expy of Major Motoko Kusanagi) as an agent of the Technological Crimes Task Force (TCTF) who gets embroiled in a vast conspiracy. It also gave me great ideas for my Imperial Service/Yu Jing force. Meet my first testmini, Commander Terrance Griffin/ Sun Tze:

Still wondering what minis I could use to kitbash Konoko. Asuka Kisaragi would be fitting, but she is not available to the Imperial Service. Maybe a Spec Ops. Or a Kanren Infiltrator could fit.

I'll probably have to do some hairsculpting. The Hazmat from the Dire Foes set would make a good base model, but I have no use for the included Spec Ops. Or rather, I don't want a gateway to also buy Tohaa and Shasvastii. My to paint mountain is already bigger than I want it to be.

Oni's dream sequence level ranges in my top 5 most neckhair raising video game levels.

Imagedump: My trip to Dresden

A few weeks ago I went on a business trip to Dresden. The conference I visited was held at Westin Bellevue Hotel straight on the shore of the river Elbe. Even though we had quite a full schedule, I strolled around a bit and took some pictures. Dresden is a great city for that.

"Punch PEGIDA (far right, nationalist, populist movement) really, really hard. With a running start!"
"Absurd people of all countries - unite!" 

Really nice city with a lot of historic buildings like the Semperoper and the Frauenkirche on one side of the river and a more modern and quite left leaning (see graffiti) other side. In fact, there were a lot of feminist graffiti straight on the sidewalk of the Elbe. So when I happened upon a tiny gaming store which carried around ten or so Infinity minis, I knew which one I had to buy.

The Hotel food was entirely tooooo good, btw

Monday, June 20, 2016

GoT is gud and other stuff I watch...

I just finished watching Game of Thrones S6E09 Battle of the Bastards. And I have to say it was my favorite episode since The Lion and the Rose. Three "Fuck yeah!" moments and some character development for one of my favorite characters!

And since the series is no longer constrained by GRRMs writing speed, it moves much faster than the glacier-like pace it did in the books.

I'd like to quote a passage from the Lord of the Rings concerning horns. But that would mean spoilers, so I won't.

Something else I've been watching and have just finished is Arslan Senki or the Heroic Legend of Arslan.(disregard the atrocious J-pop) An anime adaptation of a Persian epic. It is the well known story of a prince and his loyal band of followers raising an army to win back his kingdom. What makes it refreshing is the middle eastern setting instead of the usual western medieval setting. Also, the characters are great and there is barely any fanservice. Well, unless you like bishōnen guys. Then you will have a field day.
Anyway, the battles, characters and artstyle definitely earn a recommendation. If only season 2 was coming up soon.

Meanwhile, I'll contend with Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, because if there was anything that would make me watch a zombie story it would be steampunk. Steampunk samurai, even better!


Thursday, December 31, 2015

Goodbye 2015!

A few days ago Facebook offered to show me "My year 2015". Apparently 2015 consisted of silly animal pictures, often subtitled with snarky humor, a few flowers and two times when I showed solidarity with France. That's not really the whole story.

2015 was not as bleak as this kitten makes it out to be
I may not have travelled to a new country, written a book, learned a new language (well, does perl count?) or invented something, but I met new people, gave a talk about IT-security and was invited to repeat it at a much bigger event next year. I got back into actually playing tabletop games more than sporadically, which sent me on a painting binge, which in turn put a big dent into my to watch list.
I attended a course about the programming language perl and wrote my first, actually useful scripts. (to call them programs would be hubris..)
I learned an inordinate amount of fighting game lingo and can now do a Dragon Punch 9/10 times, even with an unfamiliar controller.
I lost some weight, but didn't fully manage my goal and gained some of it back due to poor impulse control when under stress. (Damn you, comfort food!)
Also, I may have offered to turn up to a hypothetical wedding either in a kilt or full Viking gear. Said wedding is now scheduled for next year, so anyone got tips which tartan colors might suit me?

I guess that adds up to quite a good year, doesn't it? Hopefully your's was just as good.

Don't forget to be awesome!